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 How to add photographs, sigs and tags to your profile

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PostSubject: How to add photographs, sigs and tags to your profile   Sun Aug 27, 2006 3:37 am

Welcome to Slimmers Paradise

Here's how to put photos, tags and pictures onto your signatures
If you need any help don't be afraid to ask!

First you need to go to and make a new account (see below-circled red)

Once you are all set up with your account you will see this screen...

I have numbered the parts to make it more easy to understand...

1-This is where you can choose to upload more pictures at the same time-you can do as many as 19 pictures at a time. select the amount you want to upload. if you only want to upload one picture just leave it as it is.

2-"Browse"-If you click this it will take you to your pictures stored on your computer, you then can either double click the picture you want or click once then click "open" (i will use a picture of this in a moment)

3-"Add Images from url"-This is useful if you have the url (web address) of something and don't wish to save it on your computer-for example if you have found an image you like on google. You then press submit like you do when you press browse (as above)

4-This is the submit button, press this only once-and then wait for it to upload.

Here is the picture for what you will see if you "browse"

I have circled the picture i have chosen to upload for this tutorial and also highlighted the open button.

This is what you will see when you have chosen your picture from "browse" you then press the submit button.

Once your photo's have been uploaded you will get this message at the top of the screen...

You can then scroll down and see the pictures you have uploaded.

1-"move" if you wish to move the photo to another album on your photobucket account then press this and it will ask you where you wish to move it to.

2-"Edit"-you can edit your picture-this includes changing the name/size and you can rotate it if you need to.

3-"Delete" pretty self explanitory!

The top code you have underneath your picture is the "url" (circled)-This can be used for your Avatar picture (side picture on your posts). You need to modify your profile for this.

The middle code (tag) isnt needed here. Although may be useful if you find another site that accept it.

The last code is the most used. [IMG] code (circled) is the one you use for adding photo's to your messages and also to your signature.
To add photo's to your signature or post you need to copy the code on photobucket and then hold down the key "Ctrl"and while still holding it press the "v" button. The code will then be on your signature/post. You wont see it as a picture until you have finished modifying your profile/finished the post.

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How to add photographs, sigs and tags to your profile
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